I've been reading Hunt, Gather, Cook by Hank Shaw.

And noticing possibly edible plants around the neighborhood. Tiny strawberries growing amongst the grass. Are these edible? They look like the strawberries that I ate years ago in Italy: miniscule, sweet, over ice cream. But these seem not ripe yet, though the color is red. (I tasted one. Then hoped they weren't poisonous.)

And I do have two serviceberry trees in the backyard, which means that I have what this blog calls Juneberries. I'm sceptical, a bit. Last year I did pick quite a few, and they were sourish, but perhaps they were not at the cherries and almonds ripe stage?

I'm looking for a blog or a guide to foraging in Chicago, so I can eyeball some good photos and then feel safe in harvesting and eating what I forage.

(The camera's on the blink, so no photos for a bit.)