Time Change

I will never make this mistake again.

We drove from Chicago to Michigan today for the wedding of an amazing young woman who once worked for me, and stayed in our house and wrangled a very energetic dog while we were in India.  That's not the mistake.

We arrived at 3:45 pm for the 4 o'clock wedding. That's not the mistake.

Actually, we arrived at 4:45 pm...because there is a one-hour time change between Chicago and Michigan. That is the mistake.

We saw where the ceremony had been. We saw everyone sitting down to the post-wedding festivities. If there had been anyone milling about, we might have gone in, but everyone in the place was already seated.

We got back in the car, drove home to Chicago, and I've written an apology which I hope they will accept. The subject line: So Sorry. I am an Idiot.