Blue and a New Use for an Old Phone Booth

A repurposed phone booth at the local market: ATM instead of rotary telephone.

What I'm reading:
I'm a big fan of this series, which fuses optimism and pessimism onto every page. The books, set in Quebec in a town that is a fairytale kind of place, looks at the dark and light in all situations, have a lot of nuances in the characterization, and a ton of characters who are artists: poets, painters, cooks, lovers of horses. And I am always intrigued by the author's forewords, which seem to suggest some sadness and struggle, despite the amazing mysteries that she writes.

The Komi mitten that I am knitting; seems to be a blue theme going on.
This is Mitten 18 from Charlene Schurch's Mostly Mittens. The yarn is Cascade 220 Sport. You get a ton of yardage (175 yds) for about $4, and it is reminiscent of Jamieson's DK-weight Shetland yarn. In the skein, it feels smooth, but once you start working with it, it takes on a slightly more wooly, crunchy feel.

Here's how I'm keeping track of pattern rows.
Gauge? No idea. I'm trying to commit to knitting a pair, with no modifications from the directions for Adult's medium, and then seeing where I end up. I do know that my tension has changed a great deal from beginning of the colorwork to where I am now, with the knitting getting tighter and more even. Below, a view of the variations in tension from very loose to more regular:
I'm feeling some pressure to put this aside and try to crank out some mittens in Malabrigo for a show that I'll be in come November. On the other hand, my fall resolution is to try to finish something before starting something else....
And more blue: Parker surveying his kingdom. The best time of day at the beach is between 4 and 6 pm.