Cape Cod

The boardwalk from the dunes to our beach. And below, a view from the walk down onto the beach: my husband, the dog, and my nephew, who came to stay overnight with his fiancee. It felt a bit quieter than August at the Jersey shore, where we had 12 of us around the table, but still very nice. We're thinking that September at Cape Cod should become Beach Tradition #2 of the year.
Parker. This is his first time at the beach, and he loves the ocean and the piles of seaweed along the dunes and galloping into the waves for a stick and swimming back to shore with it in his jaws. And especially, the seagulls. I quickly learned yesterday that there is no calling him back when he is running a gigantic loop after some birds.
Stones on the beach. Very different from what you see at the shore in New Jersey. Lots of this white stone - is it quartz? And smooth, small river-rock kinds of pebbles. Not many sea shells. And a few claw shells from crabs, though no critters sighted.
 Another view of Parker, after a swim.
And another difference from New Jersey: many more bird sounds, and frogs and crickets last night (including a very loud one inside the house), and a beautiful night sky that had a bit of what seemed like Northern Lights to me -- there were wide swaths of lighter-colored sky, and a very full moon, and a distinctly-moving light that my husband thinks may have been a view of the space station.