gauge monsters

We're driving to the Cape. Tonight we're in Massachusetts. Yesterday in Brookville, Pennsylvania (a very nice historic downtown).

No significant problems with Hurricane Lee, though any place that there is a body of water, from the Meander Reservoir in Ohio to the Hudson River in New York (my most favorite landscape - I never fail to be amazed at how beautiful the Hudson River Valley is), the water level is very high.

We have the dog with us. He's behaving pretty well, but we believe that he can recognize the blue highway signs for the rest stops, because he starts fussing whenever we pass one. We have compromised by stopping every second or third stop, which has worked out fine, as we get out, all stretch our legs, make appropriate rest stops, and then get going for the next bout of driving.

The only problem has been the continuing frustration of mitten-knitting, strange gauge problems, and a lot of unproductive work. In the last two weeks, I've knit Bella Mittens too small. Bella Mittens too large. Komi Mittens too large. Basic Mitten Pattern from Ann Budd's book too big, The last, I'm dead-on with gauge and knitting my size - 7 1/2 - and the first mitten fits my husband's hand. If I strung together all of this knitting in stitches and time, I probably have at least a sweater's worth of work.

Tomorrow, we should make it to Cape Cod. And maybe I'll have a mitten to show off.