My (First) Free Pattern: Gee's Bend Baby Blanket

Introducing the Gee's Bend Baby Blanket.

Can I have an Oscar moment? I have posted my first free pattern on Ravelry! And I am listed as a designer. How crazy and wonderful is that?

And I do love this pattern. I love the colors. I love the yarn: Be Sweet Bambino and Bambino Taffy. I love the odd meetings of colors and shapes, and the way that it is both asymmetrical and balanced at the same time - just like the incredible quilts of Gee's Bend.

The goal was to design a blanket that was quick to knit but not boring; machine-washable; and provided color interest without the effort of stranding or intarsia. The excitement comes from working two squares from the outside of the self-striping colorway of Bambino Taffy and two squares from the inside, so that the pinks and greens and yellows echo, but don't match up shape for shape.

Another Oscar moment (who knows when or if I'll have another pattern on Ravelry? Though I have an idea for a project that will incorporate words embroidered onto a knitted object): thank you to not only the Gee's Bend artists, but also Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne of Mason-Dixon Knitting. Queens of the mitered square, inspiration for all knitters and admirers of beauty in the everyday world.

The pattern provides line-by-line directions for the mitered squares. And in the Notes, I have deciphered two rules for making mitered squares, for those of you who like a sense of the architecture within the mitered-sqaure decrease.