Where I've Been

Halloween. My pumpkin is the little guy on the left. I really like him: wicked yet bemused. And lit up: 
 My favorite trick-or-treater was a little guy in a clown costume with an emormous day-glo afro-style wig. When I admired his costume he looked me in the eye, placed one finger on his red clown nose, beeped it once, and went on his way. That kid has a future.

Shopping at my favorite store, the Goodwill. A Fair Isle sweater for my husband: $4.99.
 A Banana Republic turtleneck for me: $4.99. And a black wrap sweater with satin ribbon ties, not pictured: $4.99. The place was jam-packed: everyone is shopping at the Goodwill these days.
 Weaving. I put on my longest warp ever (200") and am weaving off handtowels in a Finnish Twill pattern from Davison's Handweaver's Pattern Book. 8/2 cotton from Webs, sett at 20 epi.
 Catnip mice out of Noro Kureyon. R=These are fast and easy and have great noses and ears; I almost have the pattern memorized, and they make great car knitting. Still need to be stuffed.
 Tiny sock for a bookmark. After-thought heel; honestly.
 Sock One and Sock Two. The first has an acutal gusset and short-row heel. It's been so long since I've knit socks that I thought the purple would be just the heel, instead of going across the instep. I love miniature things.
That's the update. Day (sort of) off until I teach this evening. Hoping to do a lot of weaving and finish reading The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides.