Some Holiday Cheer

A list, in no particular order, of some things that have made me happy:
  • Shaun the Sheep. Best part: his strange sideways baaaa out of the corner of his mouth, his red underpants, and his dance segment at the end of each episode, especially all the sheep doing Riverdance.
  • uncooked batter from cupcakes or cookies or cakes
  • seeing The Muppets Movie on Thanksgiving, then Being Elmo the following Sunday. It was almost an all-Muppets Thanksgiving Weekend.
  • knitting mittens
  • wearing hand-knit mittens
  • Netflix Streaming: Breaking Bad (yikes, about to start Season Three); SportsNight; some (ahem) reality television, old movies (though most of the best are not available by streaming).
  • visiting with my sister, who came through Chicago for the day
  • meeting with my weaving study group. None of us have been working on the Certificate of Excellence, but, on the other hand, we are all productively weaving, and in a better manner than we were two years ago, before starting our study of the COE. We had a great meeting, and decided that this year's theme for our presentation to the guild will be something like What I've Learned from the COE, even though I've been weaving for myself and not towards the requirements...aka It's All About Me. We are known for giving honest, informative, visually-interesting (one member does a Power Point with pictures of all the samples being discussed, so that people can see what we're talking about), and funny yearly sum-ups of our work. 
  • Soup, any soup, from Deborah Madison's Vegetable Soups cookbook. The mushroom-barley...incredible. Yesterday, leek soup with potato gnocchi...pretty darn good, too. Tonight I need to cook up a batch of lentil soup. There are two of us working at the knitting shop, and we decided to bring lunch and enjoy the day.

Happy holidays and lots of light to all.