Beginning to Finish Bianca's Jacket

I spilled some olive oil from lunch on my knitting bag, which ended up on a square for the mitered blanket. I have a tendency to just blow off stuff like that: it'll wash out when I wash the whole thing, don't feel like pausing to do handiwork, it'll be fine. Then I saw it in my mind's eye: the whole beautiful blanket, with the olive oil stain on the orange and yellow square, screaming out at me every time that I look at it: should have been more careful, should have slowed down, should have been more patient and taken the time to try to clean the spot off.

So I did what any reasonable person would do. I put the project aside and I picked up the Bianca's Jacket, which has been languishing as two sleeves, fronts and back and yoke completed, but not seamed, in its knitting bag.

Two hours of So You Think You can Dance equals almost finished seams. An agonizing viewing of Pirate Master (must faux pirates mumble so that you have to turn the volume Way Up to hear the extremely uninteresting dialogue? are these rejects from Survivor?) and part of the results show of So You Think equals all but a small triangle under the arm finished.

The result: even with a gauge swatch, even with a private lesson with a knitting teacher who helped me select the size to knit, it is very very bolero. Perhaps it's standing in for the Cabled Bolero that ended up much too large, in some sort of balancing out of the knitting universe. My plan is to come up with a lace border that I'll either pick up and knit downwards from the lower hem, or tack on, similar to the finishing of my Calmer cardigan, called Cloud. I may need, also, to come up with a way to broaden the front of the sweater, but I can't tell much yet but that it is much tinier all around than I'd anticipated.

What is Pirate for an occasion like this?