To Slip Stitch or Not to Slip Stitch?

Here's a question for the knitters: do I want to slip the first stitch of every row when I'm making a 3x3 ribbed scarf? Or do I want to knit or purl it, depending on what stitch comes as I work the edge?
Last night, I started road-testing a ribbed scarf while waiting for the fireworks to start. This is the most demanding knitting that I can do while having a conversation. Those knitters who can read and knit at the same time? The ones who make lace shawls while reading? Crazy. Not me. I make mistakes in a stockinette project if someone asks me a question.

So, there we are, sitting under the ginormous lights in the park, by the baseball diamond, waiting for our fireworks to start. Meanwhile, other fireworks are ending in suburbs around us, so you can see, but not hear, the tag ends of the events. And I managed to knit about 3 inches of the next scarf that I'm testing. But I wasn't happy with the result. The edges are lumpy and swerve and roll. Not pretty.
Part of the problem, also, is that being someone who loves good tools, I'm having trouble applying myself to using a yarn that I don't love. This is Caron Simply Soft Quick, a super-bulky weight in a 100% acrylic. Machine-washable and tumble dry. Price somewhere around $2.99 a skein, which is 3 oz. and 50 yards of yarn.
My current goal is to investigate some affordable, doable ways to make scarves for Knitting for Compassion. First, let me clarify that I'm a firm believer in supporting your local yarn shop and all of its wonderful vendors. But for those who want to join in the project, but have more significant demands on their pocketbooks, I wanted to be able to offer some $5 or $10 scarves. So I'm trying to apply myself to working with the acrylics and cottons from a big-box craft store, and my mind keeps resisting.

So, two questions if anyone is out there. First, the slipped stitch question above? Second, good but reasonably-priced yarns for knitting or crocheting scarves?

And happy belated Fourth of July. We maintained tradition and ate the World's Most Perfect Brownies while watching the fireworks.


TK said…
I know I'm late to answering, but, hey, I've been vacationing.

Slipping does look nicer, but I always forget to do it.

And for yarn, don't forget about elann and knitpicks. Both have nice, wool and cotton yarns for cheap. Cheaper even than acrylic yuck from craft stores (I'm not a fan of that stuff at all).